Dance in Contact – Connected Embodied Movement with Helena Kober (E)

DANCE IN CONTACT - CONNECTED EMBODIED MOVEMENTDance has the profound power to heal our bodies, physiques, and souls. It reaches our deepest nature and reconnects us with pure presence and awareness.The human brain remains ready, willing and able to keep learning and adapting all our life, no matter our age. The language of learning it understands best is physical movement. When we move our body in new ways, we create new synaptic connections, which in turn increase our neuroplasticity, helping the brain and nervous system grow.DANCE, more than any other movement practice, increases your neural connectivity because it integrates several brain functions at once; rational, musical, kinesthetic, and emotional.Dance InContact is the result of over 30 years of dance and movement practice and over 10 years of personal development experience by Helena Kober. An integration of Contact Dance Improvisation, Embodied Movement and Contemporary Dance approached from the philosophy of Yoga.This is a unique practice that helps us connect heart, body, and mind and brings us back to our pure essence of presence and playfulness.This practice is completely inclusive, there is no gender and no distinction between age, ethnicity or cultural background.This series of workshops will guide you through the foundations and basic practices in contact improvisation, embodied movement and mindfulness. Learn how to roll, spiral, slide and fly low! Feel connected, uplifted and inspired.All three workshops can be attended individually but of course, we recommend attending all three to build up and make the most out of this dancing experience
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